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Welcome to the SPARTAN Customer Service


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 10.00-19.00

How to shop in the online shop


1. Add goods to shopping bag

  • Browse or search for the style you wish to purchase.
  • Choose colour and size and add style to shopping bag.
  • The item will be added to the shopping bag which will be visible in the top right corner.

2. Edit shopping bag

  • You can add, edit, or delete styles in your shopping bag at any time during the shopping process.
  • You simply have to click "edit" or "remove" next to the style you wish to edit or remove.
  • To add/reduce quantities, select the number you wish to purchase under quantity.
  • When you have the correct items in your shopping bag, click "Proceed to checkout".

3. Checkout and pay

  • You will now have to fill out information on your name, address, e-mail address and payment information.
  • Prior to finalizing the order, you will be presented with a window summarizing your choices.
  • If you have any changes to the order before submitting it, you may change it by clicking "Edit bag".
  • If you can accept the order, please click "Continue". At this point, the order will be submitted to BESTSELLER HANDELS B.V.

4. Order confirmation

  • BESTSELLER HANDELS B.V. will send an order receipt per e-mail immediately after receiving the order - please note that this order receipt is not an order confirmation.
  • BESTSELLER HANDELS B.V. will send an order confirmation to you per e-mail when the order has been accepted by BESTSELLER HANDELS B.V. and the shipment is underway.

If you have further questions to the shopping process, please contact Customer Service.

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