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Warranty Conditions

·         All warranties provided are conditional upon family domestic use of the product (note the special cricket bat warranty details below)

·         All warranties apply to the original purchaser from where the purchase was made from official Spartan distributors only; they are strictly not transferable.

·         All warranties commence on the date of purchase

·         Any modifications made to the product will void the warranty.

·         Only fittings and accessories provided by Spartan should be used with Spartan products or your warranty may be invalidated.

·         Liability is limited to the faulty part, which will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

·         The Warranty only applies to purchases made in Australia, and the item must be kept in Australia.

·         The Warranty will be void if the product fault arises from abuse, incorrect installation, inappropriate usage, weather related damage or Acts of god.

·         Having the product assembled by a professional assembler will not extend the warranty term.

Our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Cricket Bat Warranty

A Cricket bat warranty is a goodwill gesture offered to repair or replace a bat that has suffered damage believed not to be the fault of the Customer. 

Bats will deteriorate even without use due to natural drying out in the willow. Warranty claims are assessed on a case-by-case basis and the course of action depends on the circumstances. A course of action may include repair, replacement or having the service performed again.

Spartan offers a 12 month Warranty on Spartan Senior English Willow Bats, Junior English Willow Bats & Kashmir Willow cricketbats. Replacement bats will have a maximum of 6 months warranty (from the time of replacement) except where the original bat is less than six months old.

A Bat will not be replaced due to handle break, edge or surface cracking but may be repaired under Warranty in the first season of use only.

Warranty claims on Bats over 12 months old, from date of purchase, will be considered entirely at the manufacturers discretion. There is no definite time that a Cricket Bat will last. The bat will deteriorate with use on the field and against bowling machine balls. It is recommended that you do not use a new SPARTAN bat against a bowling machine. Care for and maintain your bat to extend its life.

Please retain proof of purchase.

Guide to Warranty conditions for cost free repair or replacement of bats

  • None caused by dampness and swelling of toe
  • None on edge and toe cracks caused by inaccurate play
  • None to due to heat damage
  • None due to over oiling
  • None due to insufficient preparation

Principal Causes of Damage

  • Inaccurate Play
  • Unprotected Bat
  • Cheap hard balls
  • Dampness in toe/blade
  • Severe edging
  • Yorkers Hitting toe

There is definitely no warranty on products with:

·         moisture damage,

·         bat damage that occurs due to a lack of preparation (knocking-in) or

·         damage that occurs because of improper use. 

Bats must also be either extra-tecd or oiled correctly for a valid warranty. Labels/stickers are also to be kept on your bat or warranty may be voided. Bats with broken handles, cracks and other minor problems that occur within the time of our warranty will be sent to our bat maker for repair.

PROCESS OF REPAIR: It takes an average of 14 working days to assess and/or repair the problem.

When claiming a warranty, proof of purchase needs to be provided to by the customer. Proof of purchase is either a receipt (which is provided by the retailer with every purchase) or a valid bank statement.


Please remember:

Cricket bats are made from a natural material that has the incredibly hard task of hitting a solid object repeatedly. A small amount of cracking is normal and has no impact on the performance of the bat. Small cracks can usually be sanded out and have been appearing on cricket bats for centuries. Cracking is not a sign of a faulty bat, but an indication your bat requires further knocking in.

A cricket bat is NOT going to look new forever and cracks will appear on the willow.


The lifespan of a bat depends on how much it is used and how well it is taken care of. You should keep your bat out of excessively warm conditions and wet weather. A toe guard/shoe goo should be fitted for extra protection against toe damage.

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